6th Grade Curriculum Outline

Day 1:

  • Celebrating similarities and differences
  • Characteristics of a healthy friendship
  • Power of words
  • Setting boundaries
  • Toxic friendships defined
  • Internet safety

Day 2:

  • Simple reproductive anatomy overview
  • Puberty changes explained
  • Biology of conception (a general overview, age-appropriate)
  • Total body health – physical, mental, emotional, social

Day 3:

  • Responding to the body’s changes
  • Hygiene during puberty
  • Understanding emotional needs
  • Feelings vs. behaviors
  • Decision making and goal setting for the future

Handouts we Provide:

Homework Day 1 Worksheet

Homework Day 2 Worksheet

Toxic Friends Worksheet

Real Friendship Worksheet

Responding to Body Changes Worksheet

Body Hygiene Worksheet

Decision Making and My Future Worksheet

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