7th grade curriculum

7th Grade Curriculum Outline

Our 7th-grade curriculum focuses on setting healthy boundaries but also on learning how to distinguish between love and infatuation. In addition, our educators will tackle important topics such as sexually transmitted infections, what they are, how they are spread, and how to prevent them.

All our content is age-appropriate as well as free of any explicit material. At the end of each day, students receive short and simple homework to complete with the assistance of a trusted adult. For instance, it could be a parent, a teacher, or an older sibling.

Day 1:

  • Discussing the purpose of sex
  • Examining influences on why teens might decide to have sex
  • Identifying attributes of healthy relationships compared to unhealthy ones
  • Distinguishing between love and infatuation

Day 2:

  • Setting healthy boundaries, both physically and emotionally
  • Discussing consent
  • Reviewing a decision-making model for tough situations
  • Establishing digital boundaries

Day 3:

  • Examining the most common sexually transmitted infections but also how they are spread, and how to prevent them
  • Discussing pregnancy and its symptoms


Homework Day 1 Questions

Homework Day 2 Questions

Pure Freedom Contact Sheet

Love vs. Infatuation Quiz

Support Resources

20/20 Vision Worksheet

STI Testing Sites 2019-2020

Pregnancy Help Resources

What is Pure Freedom?

The Sexual Risk Avoidance (SRA) educational model is a national movement to encourage teens to wait for sex, as well as encourage them to make healthy decisions for their future. It stands on the truth that delaying sex until marriage provides men and women with the greatest chance at optimal physical health, successful relationships, and socioeconomic stability. Pure Freedom utilizes this model to not only help students understand what real love is, but also how to create boundaries that protect them and their peers, how to identify abuse, how the human body works, how STDs spread, and ultimately, how beyond-valuable they are.

For more information on this program, or if you have any questions, feel free to email us at purefreedom@lifelinemo.org. You can also give us a call at 660-665-3059.