New Sexual Risk Avoidance Educator: Ryan

15 Jun, 2020

Sexual Risk Avoidance

Ryan Hanley Sexual Risk Avoidance Educator Pure Freedom’s team is expanding with the arrival of a brand new Sexual Risk Avoidance educator: Ryan! Ryan is a breath of fresh air, not only because he is a guy (we only had one in our team before), but because he just recently graduated from college bringing an […]

Unveiling the Secrets of the Teenage Brain

28 Apr, 2020

The teenage brain is unique

Teenagers are both full of potential and vulnerable… and this is absolutely not their fault. Instead, it all has to do with their brains. Did you know that at birth, the size of a newborn’s brain is only about 40% the size it will be in adulthood? And that in addition to the size, our […]

A Better Approach to Sex Education

13 Apr, 2020

A Better Approach to Sex Education

Sex is without a doubt a fundamental aspect of life. It strengthens the bond between partners and has been proven to carry many physical and psychological beneficial properties. On the other hand, sexual activity comes with an array of risks, such as STDs, unintended pregnancies, regrets, feelings of being used and a loss of self-esteem. […]

Meet Elodie

20 Jan, 2020

Meet Elodie

Elodie Takamiya French Interpreter and Communications Assistant Elodie is a French Interpreter and a Communications Assistant at Lifeline Pregnancy Help Clinic in Kirksville. Since Pure Freedom is part of Lifeline, she will be writing new blog posts for Pure Freedom as well. After being born in Ukraine, Elodie lived most of her life in France […]

What is Love?

12 Feb, 2019

What is Love

Love…it’s a word we throw around a ton, but have a hard time defining. We might say we’re “in-love” with someone, but what is that all about? When we use the same word to describe our feelings about pizza or our favorite movie, what does it really mean to love another person, especially in a […]

Big Changes for Pure Freedom

03 Jan, 2019

Humongous changes are happening around here. Pure Freedom just got a brand-new office space! Check it out… We used to just have a two-desk room where Amy and Kath dreamed about expanding the program and adding on new team members so we could reach more students with life-changing information. With that dream coming true and […]

Meet Jackson

04 Dec, 2018


Jackson Page Sexual Risk Avoidance Educator Introducing (drum roll, please)…Jackson Page! Jackson brings fresh, awesome energy to the team. His enthusiasm for real, honest relationships exemplifies what Pure Freedom is all about. Jackson grew up in Springfield, Illinois and graduated from Truman State University with his Bachelor of Arts in Communication in 2017. Why did […]

Meet Larissa

04 Dec, 2018

Larissa Fajkus Sexual Risk Avoidance Educator The lovely Larissa joined the Pure Freedom crew in fall of 2018, ready to rock Northeast Missouri schools with her contagious joy, huge heart, and creative flair. Larissa has spent years encouraging students in their educational pursuits and personal growth through a local after school program and now gets […]

Meet Amy

04 Dec, 2018

Amy Posterick, MAE, SRAS Program Director Here she is, ladies and gentlemen: our fearless leader, Amy Posterick! *insert applause here.* Amy started out in 2015 as Pure Freedom’s only educator, teaching a handful of schools a year. Her passion and boldness have brought our program to where it is today: teaching thousands of students in […]

STD Basics

22 Nov, 2018

STD Basics

STD: what does that mean? It stands for sexually transmitted disease. In other words, a disease someone can get from sexual activity. You might hear them referred to as “STIs” sometimes, which stands for sexually transmitted infection. Sexually transmitted diseases are too real. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 1 in 4 […]