High school curriculum

High School Curriculum Outline

The high school curriculum focuses more heavily on sexual activity but stays age-appropriate as well as free from any explicit material. On the first day, students will learn to identify what a healthy relationship looks like compared to an unhealthy one. They will also discuss what the purpose of sexual activity is. The second day will be spent focusing on understanding why pornography is harmful, while the third day will dive deeper into medical information about STIs and pregnancy.

Day 1:

  • Discussing sexual activity, its purpose, as well as its effects on physical, emotional, and social health
  • Identifying important components of a healthy relationship compared to an unhealthy one
  • Discussing consent as well as setting and respecting boundaries in relationships

Day 2:

  • Identifying the signs of healthy and unhealthy relationship patterns, as well as warning signs of abuse
  • Examining the dangers of pornography addiction and misuse of social media           

Day 3:

  • Studying the most common STIs, including symptoms, transmission, and prevalence of each
  • Examining the effects of multiple partners on STI risk and ways to avoid STI transmission
  • Reviewing medical information about contraceptives and pregnancy


Homework Day 1 Questions

Homework Day 2 Questions

Feeling Words

How Do You Feel Loved?

Relationship Red Flag Warning Inventory

Skills for Rising Above Risks

STI Handouts and Testing Sites

How Do I Help a Friend

Support Resources

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