High School Curriculum Outline

Day 1:

  • Discussing sexual activity, its purpose, and its effects on physical, emotional, and social health
  • Identifying important components of a healthy relationship
  • Discussing consent as well as setting and respecting boundaries in relationships

Day 2:

  • Identifying the signs of healthy and unhealthy relationship patterns and warning signs of abuse
  • Examining the dangers of pornography addiction and misuse of social media           

Day 3:

  • Studying the most common STIs, including symptoms, transmission, and prevalence of each
  • Examining the effects of multiple partners on STI risk & ways to avoid STI transmission
  • Reviewing medical information about contraceptives and pregnancy


Homework Day 1 Questions

Homework Day 2 Questions

Feeling Words

How Do You Feel Loved?

Relationship Red Flag Warning Inventory

Skills for Rising Above Risks

STI Handouts and Testing Sites

How Do I Help a Friend

Support Resources

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