17 Dec, 2019

Jenny Carpenter

Pure Freedom Program Assistant

Meet Jenny, the new Pure Freedom’s Program Assistant. In other words, she is the invisible but extremely vital component that takes care of everything, from getting the educators to schools to making sure they are well-equipped with the tools they need to do their jobs successfully while also recording data and tracking the budget. As a Missouri local, Jenny grew up in Smithville but now resides in Kirksville. She studied education at College of the Ozarks and obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Urban Missions from the City Vision University.

Why did you decide to work for Pure Freedom?

I wanted to share in the mission to provide students with a holistic education on not only sex but healthy relationships, as well as reminding them that they each have a great value.

What do you like about your job?

I love working with my coworkers. We are each uniquely different. It is fascinating and inspiring to watch as we sit at meetings together and are able to learn and grow from one another; we each carry vastly different experiences from our pasts which helps to paint a more realistic view of what some of the students we serve face daily.

Tell us about your family!

I have a younger brother, and my parents are very loving people. I am happily married to my husband Ben, who enjoys farming and carpentry.

What are your hobbies?

I enjoy running and collaborating with my husband on different projects, as well as gathering with family and friends.

What are your goals?

My main goal is to help people in the community. In the future, I would like to dedicate my time to students, the homeless, as well as people dealing with addictions.