04 Dec, 2018

Kath Crane, SRAS

Sexual Risk Avoidance Educator

After a few years of toughing it out as Pure Freedom’s lone educator, Amy Posterick was joined in 2017 by Kath Farmer (who later became Kath Crane after marrying her best friend Brandon). Kath gets excited about healthy living: physical, mental, relational, and spiritual. She’s delighted to be on the Pure Freedom team where she can use this passion in encouraging the community to pursue health in every area of their lives.

Kath graduated from Truman State University in December 2016 with her B.S. in Linguistics. Though she grew up in West County St. Louis, she now fully embraces the small town Kirksville life.

Why did you decide to work for Pure Freedom?

During my college years, I spent summers interning with Lifeline Pregnancy Help Clinic (Pure Freedom’s parent organization) and helped Amy revamp Pure Freedom’s curriculum. Developing healthy relationships of all kinds has always been a huge deal to me, and when I was in middle school I decided I wanted to save sexual activity for marriage. I remember thinking, “I wonder if there’s a job out there where I could help other people make smart decisions about sex and relationships.” When I found out years later that such a job actually exists, and pretty much begged Pure Freedom to hire me.

What do you like about your job?

I think everybody should have the information they need to build healthy relationships. Pure Freedom does fantastic work all over Northeast Missouri, and I’m grateful to be a part of that. My coworkers are beyond amazing, and I’ve developed what I think will be lifelong friendships here.

Tell us about your family!

On January 5th, 2018, I married the kind and courageous Brandon Crane. He had been an amazing boyfriend and best friend, and now we get to be family! We love playing board games, hiking, traveling, and having long talks with our friends and other family members.

What are your hobbies?

Did I already say board games? Definitely board games. I’m also a fitness nut, writer, singer, and avid podcast listener.

What are your goals?

Love people well. Plain and simple. Right now, that looks like working on my marriage (because yes, marriage is work but totally worth it!), writing letters to my nieces and nephews every month, and setting aside time every week to meet up with a couple friends to talk about what’s going on in our lives and encourage one another.

Anything else you want the community to know?

Each one of you is so loved and so special. Find at least one person in your life you can share deeply with, and I think you’ll be so glad you did. We’re here to help you practice healthy relationship skills, so if you ever need anything, just ask!