Parent Information

Parents, we honor the fact that you are the primary health educators of your children. Because of this, we want to be fully transparent with you by informing you about the Pure Freedom program. We are so grateful for the opportunity to speak with your kids and we don’t take it lightly.

What does the Pure Freedom program seek to do?

Pure Freedom is a sexual risk avoidance education program developed by Lifeline Pregnancy Help Clinic in Kirksville, MO, in accordance with state and national education standards. This is a three-day program utilizing research-based curriculum from the Center for Relationship Education to develop students’ skills in making healthy life choices through an interactive presentation.

What information is covered during the Pure Freedom program?

Some of the topics covered during this three-day long program include:

  • Healthy and unhealthy relationships
  • Facts about sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy
  • Setting healthy boundaries in relationships, both physically and digitally
  • Focusing on future goals and dreams
  • Encouragement for starting over if mistakes have been made

This curriculum’s goal is to empower and educate your student in making good decisions and building healthy relationships, taught by a licensed educator from Lifeline Pregnancy Help Clinic.

We know it is your desire to teach your children how to be healthy and how to have a great future. It is our intention to support you in that effort. If you would like to view an outline of the specific topics covered in each grade, as well as a copy of the handouts we use, select your child’s grade below:

Pure Freedom: 6th Grade

Pure Freedom: 7th Grade

Pure Freedom: 8th Grade

Pure Freedom: High School