What is Pure Freedom?

As students, you have access to a wide variety of sex-ed resources. Pure Freedom goes deeper by giving you the keys to thrive not only physically, but also emotionally and mentally. So, what is the program exactly? Pure Freedom is a three-day course with the goal of informing you about healthy relationships. Everything we talk about is information that actually matters to you because we talk about real-life situations that you may have faced in the past or you might encounter in the future.

Is your message relevant to all students?

The information and resources Pure Freedom provides are for any and all students. We want to empower all of you, regardless of age, race, culture, gender, and sexual orientation, to make healthy decisions throughout your life.

What is Sexual Risk Avoidance?

Sexual risk avoidance offers a message for optimal health and focuses on avoiding risk, not just reducing risk, empowering you to make healthy choices. The program offers tangible advice and methods of avoiding all forms of risk, not just physical.

Is this program boring?

Nope! It’s not just us talking at you. We’ll ask you questions to fuel group discussion, and include games, activities, videos and more.

Can I ask questions?

Absolutely! We encourage you to ask questions during class or talk with us afterward if they want to talk one-on-one. In addition, we also have an anonymous question box, where you can leave any questions or comments you have about any of the topics we discuss that you might feel uncomfortable asking out loud. Overall, we want everyone to get the information they need without feeling embarrassed in front of their peers.