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What is Pure Freedom?

We invite school professionals to watch the video below to learn more about Pure Freedom:

What ages is the Pure Freedom Program for?

The Pure Freedom program has a curriculum for 6th grade, 7th grade, 8th grade, and high school-aged students. While the topics covered are very similar, we ensure each three-day session is age-appropriate and the most relevant for the age group we are working with. Here is what professionals should know about the Pure Freedom program.

What topics does Pure Freedom cover?

We cover a number of topics including:

  • Discerning healthy from unhealthy relationships
  • Medically-accurate facts about sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy
  • Setting healthy physical and digital boundaries in relationships
  • Focusing on future goals and dreams
  • Encouraging students that it’s possible to start over if mistakes have been made in the past

How much does it cost to have a Pure Freedom educator come and speak?

Because of the support of our Lifeline Pregnancy Help Clinic donors, Pure Freedom is offered free of charge to middle and high schools in 14 counties across Northeast Missouri.

How can I bring the Pure Freedom Program to the students I work with?

To bring Pure Freedom to your school, church, or other organization, fill out this form to request a speaker. We look forward to hearing from you!

Do you have any information I can provide to the parents of the students I work with?

Yes! At Pure Freedom, we believe it is essential that parents understand and are comfortable with the information we are providing to their students. Therefore, we have all of the curriculum available for their review. You may find it on our website under the Parents tab. In addition, we are also happy to provide you with letters to hand out to the parents from our Program Director. We can discuss these one-on-one with you after you request a speaker.

If students have questions following this program, where can I direct them for more information?

We offer further information for students here on our website.  To this end,  you can direct them to the Students tab. In addition, if you have any questions about how to answer their questions, feel free to reach out and contact us!

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Pure Freedom?

Pure Freedom is a three-day relationship, sexual abuse prevention, and sexual risk avoidance program. We provide relevant content to engage students and encourage them to ask questions about healthy relationships. The program provides medically-accurate and research-based information so students are encouraged to make healthy, informed decisions.

Is your message relevant to all students?

Pure Freedom offers valuable information and resources that any student could benefit from. The goal of this program is to empower every student, no matter their age, race, culture, gender, or sexual orientation, to make healthy decisions in the relationships they’re in.

What community workshop topics do you offer?

We have workshops that include content geared toward several types of professionals, such as social workers, teachers, youth leaders, counselors, and medical professionals.

How can I know what is being taught to the students in my community?

You can learn more in-depth information about our program by visiting this page.

How can I bring Pure Freedom to my school or student group?

Bring the positive message of healthy relational development to the students you work with by requesting a speaker.

If you have any questions or would like more information about Pure Freedom, please feel free to contact us.

How can I stay in touch after my student finishes the program?

To stay in touch, you can follow us on social media. For instance, we regularly update our Instagram page!