04 Dec, 2018

Amy Posterick, MAE, SRAS

Program Director

Here she is, ladies and gentlemen: our fearless leader, Amy Posterick! *insert applause here.* Amy started out in 2015 as Pure Freedom’s only educator, teaching a handful of schools a year. Her passion and boldness have brought our program to where it is today: teaching thousands of students in over 50 schools every year. Now our Program Director, Amy oversees all things Pure Freedom, training up the rest of us and encouraging our strengths to thrive in our individual roles, and is pursuing a doctorate degree in education. Her leadership brings the best out of our team and ensures that Pure Freedom continues to provide quality sexual risk avoidance education to teens all over Northeast Missouri.

Born and raised in Kirksville, Amy stuck around the town she loves for college and beyond, earning her bachelor’s degree in Linguistics and a Master of Arts degree in Education with a multi-subject teaching certificate from Truman State. She taught as a full-time classroom teacher in public and private schools before joining the team at Pure Freedom.

Why did you decide to work for Pure Freedom?

My job at Pure Freedom is the perfect combo of my love for education and my passion for social change. When I got my teaching degree, I never imagined I would end up teaching young people about sexual health, but I have loved every second of it. The Pure Freedom team is full of people who are excited about this mission and are so much fun to work with. Being able to lead this team as the program director is a dream come true for me.

What do you like about your job?

I am passionate about helping young people build healthy relationship skills. Growing up, I had a lot of friends make unhealthy decisions because they were lacking information about dating, sexuality, and even their own bodies. I want to do everything I can to make sure the young people I get to teach gain as much information as possible so that they are empowered to make healthy decisions. I also love getting to equip parents and community members to be a strong support network for these amazing teens.

Tell us about your family!

When I started teaching in Pure Freedom, I was totally single, but in July 2018, I got to marry Tyler, an amazing guy who showed me how awesome a healthy relationship really can be. We talk a lot about marriage in Pure Freedom, and now I can say firsthand that marriage rocks!

What are your hobbies?

I love music and learning to play as many instruments as I can get my hands on, including the piano, violin, cello, guitar, and ukulele. I also love spending time cooking and playing board games with my husband. In my free time, you can probably find me doing something creative, like painting, songwriting, or card making, unless my nose is buried in a good book.

What are your goals?

It is so exciting to see how Pure Freedom has grown from when I started in 2015 to now. I would love to see this program expand to reach even more young people and to be even more effective in spreading the message of healthy relationships. In my personal life, my goal is to have a thriving marriage that lasts and to build a healthy family.