21 Jul, 2020

Breanne Hunt

Executive Director

We are thrilled to finally present you Lifeline’s Executive Director, Breanne! Breanne grew up on a farm in Unionville, and this experience taught her a lot about hard work and tenacity. Because she’s always enjoyed business principles, she decided to study business and obtained an MBA with an emphasis in public administration. Her journey at Lifeline started back in 2008, while she was working for an organization that Lifeline rented office space from; with her office only 30 feet down the hall. When she came across the job posting, she felt a sudden call to apply, and we are all very grateful that she did! Since then, Breanne has been a wonderful and passionate leader who inspires us all to strive for excellence when serving others. On a daily basis, she takes care of all things related to organizational administration, donor development and fundraising, reporting, human resources, ensuring all programs are operating at a high level, as well as recruiting new staff. 

Why did you decide to work for Lifeline?

To be honest, when I graduated, I thought I would be doing something in the corporate world. I didn’t know much about pregnancy centers at the time and never considered working for one. But then the job was posted and it kept coming back to mind through people who would mention it, reading about it in the newspaper, and of course, going to work every day in such close proximity to Lifeline. Eventually, I decided to apply with the encouragement of my husband, and because it felt right. Now it’s been twelve years, and I don’t regret it for a second!

What do you like about your job?

I love that I get to come to work every day and have it not feel like work. Being surrounded by people who want to serve and help others is an amazing vocation. I love that my “job” means the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of mothers, fathers, babies, and students, every single day!

Tell us about your family!

I have an incredible husband, Greg, and we have been married sixteen and a half years now. Seems like a blink. He is my best friend, sounding board, and can make me laugh more than anyone else in the world. Together we have three beautiful, smart and all around amazing children (spoken like a true mama). They are now ten, four, and one and a half years old. We waited nearly six years to be blessed with our first child, and six more years for the second one. It was an incredible journey of faith that taught us so much.

What are your hobbies?

I honestly have no time for hobbies. Some days I count it a victory just to have matching clothes, haha!  But when I do get a spare minute I really enjoy music. I play the guitar (mediocrely) and love to sing (again, mediocrely).

What are your goals?

My goals in life are to serve and invest in my children, my family, and those around me with love, patience, and virtue. In a professional sense, my goal would be similar, to invest in those around me in a coaching or mentoring capacity to inspire and equip them as they develop their faith and skills. I hope to never stop learning!