22 Jun, 2021

Micaela Lanman

Pure Freedom Educator

She is coming! Get excited to meet her in person very soon, but in the meantime, here is a sneak peek of our brand new Pure Freedom educator, the young and hard-working Micaela Lanman. Micaela was born and raised in Alexandria, Minnesota, as was her husband Cody. As a student, Micaela decided to pursue a career in nursing and later worked as a registered nurse in the hospital setting. She is now ready to expand her horizons in public health as an educator, inspiring youth to make healthy decisions that will positively affect their futures.

Why did you decide to work for Pure Freedom?

I believe Lifeline (and more specifically PureFreedom) is a wonderful asset to Northern Missouri. Lifeline’s mission is to serve with love and compassion, to be a place for empowering, healing, and instilling hope. This is evident in everything they do. I am humbled to be joining this passionate team of caregivers and educators! 

What do you like about your job so far and what are your expectations?

At the moment I am still in training and haven’t started teaching yet. However, I already know that I’m excited to be able to inspire and encourage students and young women in particular. I would like to be a mentor figure to them, one that I wish I had myself when I was growing up. I am also looking forward to the honest, vulnerable, and important conversations regarding students’ goals for the future, navigating relationships, understanding their self-worth, and challenging their views of true love.

Tell us about your family!

Sure! I’ve been married to my faithful husband Cody since 2019. He is my high school sweetheart and all-time favorite person, so I feel extremely blessed. We enjoy hockey, skateboarding, and ultimate frisbee. He has long blonde hair and a heart of gold. Both of our families are still living in beautiful Minnesota.

What are your hobbies?

Photography and gardening are my two favorite hobbies! I have a photography business where I get to photograph families, high school seniors, newborns, and the occasional wedding! And as for gardening, I am part of the Garden Club on the ATSU campus.

What are your passions?

I am passionate about holistic and end-of-life care, redemption, and loving others well. I love how holistic the Pure Freedom program is, the fact that it teaches youth not only about sexual risk avoidance but also about healthy friendships, healthy relationships, and goal-setting. In conclusion, I am looking forward to this next chapter of public health and preventive medicine that I am about to take part in. 

What are your goals?

My goal as an educator is to inspire and equip the next generation. There are so many mixed messages and pressures on young people today regarding sexuality and relationships. I hope to be a warm, bright light in an area that is often dark, confusing, and difficult for students to navigate. 

Written by Elodie Takamiya.