How to Make Friends When You Are Shy?

29 Oct, 2020

Making Friends When Shy

You want to make friends…but you’re shy. People can be really intimidating. And if you’re new at your school, you may have trouble making friends. Or even if you’ve attended the same institution for years, that doesn’t necessarily mean that things are going smoothly for you, especially if you are shy. Perhaps you’ve come to […]

Quiz: Am I a Good Friend?

09 Oct, 2020

Am I a Good Friend

Good friendships are powerful. When you have good friends, you are more likely to be happy and to see life through a positive lens. It is well documented, for example, that laughter, which is a component of good friendships, (but not the only one!) is the “best medicine” as it has tons of benefits for […]

Meet Angelita

14 Sep, 2020


Angelita Garth Data Manager Meet and greet Angelita Garth, our new Data Manager! Angelita comes from a small town in central Iowa and went to school at Iowa State University. Passionate about statistics, she opted to study the subject and graduated with a BS in Mathematics and Statistics, followed by an MS in Statistics. She’s […]

I’ve never dated anyone, is it normal?

10 Sep, 2020

Never dated

Are you a teenager who’s never dated and who is struggling because it seems like everyone around you is in a relationship? Are you impatient, wondering when your turn is finally going to be? If you answered “yes”, rest assured that you are and will be fine.  First of all, let’s define the term “dating”. […]

Meet Heather

01 Sep, 2020


Heather Newsome Financial Assistant Say hi to Heather, Lifeline team’s recent addition! Heather is serving as Financial Assistant, taking care of Lifeline’s account balances, expenditures, inventory, monitoring program budgets and much more. A job that she greatly enjoys: “Working here is an absolute joy. The staff is so welcoming, thoughtful, and caring!” Before joining us, […]

Meet Breanne

21 Jul, 2020

Breanne Photo

Breanne Hunt Executive Director We are thrilled to finally present you Lifeline’s Executive Director, Breanne! Breanne grew up on a farm in Unionville, and this experience taught her a lot about hard work and tenacity. Because she’s always enjoyed business principles, she decided to study business and obtained an MBA with an emphasis in public […]

Positive Youth Development: What Makes Youth Succeed In Life

22 Jun, 2020

Positive Youth Development

First, we focused on understanding. Understanding the unique characteristics of the teenage brain, how different it is from the adult brain, and what those differences mean for youth on a practical level. The second piece of the puzzle is to find out what factors determine healthy youth development. Why do certain teenagers turn into happy […]

New Sexual Risk Avoidance Educator: Ryan

15 Jun, 2020

Sexual Risk Avoidance

Ryan Hanley Sexual Risk Avoidance Educator Pure Freedom’s team is expanding with the arrival of a brand new Sexual Risk Avoidance educator: Ryan! Ryan is a breath of fresh air, not only because he is a guy (we only had one in our team before), but because he just recently graduated from college bringing an […]

Unveiling the Secrets of the Teenage Brain

28 Apr, 2020

The teenage brain is unique

Teenagers are both full of potential and vulnerable… and this is absolutely not their fault. Instead, it all has to do with their brains. Did you know that at birth, the size of a newborn’s brain is only about 40% the size it will be in adulthood? And that in addition to the size, our […]

A Better Approach to Sex Education

13 Apr, 2020

A Better Approach to Sex Education

Sex is without a doubt a fundamental aspect of life. It strengthens the bond between partners and has been proven to carry many physical and psychological beneficial properties. On the other hand, sexual activity comes with an array of risks, such as STDs, unintended pregnancies, regrets, feelings of being used and a loss of self-esteem. […]