Nine Ways to Build a Friendship

13 Aug, 2019

“Wishing to be friends is quick work, but friendship is a slow ripening fruit.” Sounds like something grandma would have stitched on a pillow or something. But it’s true: friendship doesn’t happen overnight. Whether you have a solid tribe or you’re the new kid who knows nobody, you’ve probably noticed that it takes time and […]

Media Mania

10 Jul, 2019

How do we keep media from taking over our lives? It’s no secret that more screen time is associated with poor physical and emotional health. Studies on obesity, depression, anxiety, and even spine problems (ever heard of Text Neck?) are showing links between screen time and increased health issues. The Washington Post reported a study […]

Puberty Shopping List

12 Jun, 2019

Change is coming…be prepared! Puberty: that magical time in life we all go through. For us to become adults, our bodies need to change. And that’s a great thing! Puberty doesn’t have to be scary. You can be prepared for all the changes your body will go through by having the right supplies on hand. […]

Meet Michaella

11 Apr, 2019

Michaella Peck Sexual Risk Avoidance Educator Say hello to Michaella, Pure Freedom’s most recent addition to our team of educators! Michaella has been teaching and working with youth for years, but is super pumped to be sharing a message of whole-person health with thousands of students in Northeast Missouri. Born and raised in Kirksville, Michaella […]

Menstruation Madness

09 Apr, 2019

Being female rocks! …but it can also be super weird and confusing, especially when it comes to that time of the month. Students have asked us tons of questions about the menstrual cycle, from how it works to how to manage it. So here you go, the answers to your Menstrual Cycle FAQ! Why do […]

Is porn a healthy way to learn about sex?

26 Mar, 2019

We’ve all got questions about sex…should we ask Google? With a computer in our pockets at all times, we might start to think we can get all the info we’d ever need from the internet. We ask Google for directions, recipes, and how to fix a bike. We’ve all got questions about sex, so should […]

What is Love?

12 Feb, 2019

Love…it’s a word we throw around a ton, but have a hard time defining. We might say we’re “in-love” with someone, but what is that all about? When we use the same word to describe our feelings about pizza or our favorite movie, what does it really mean to love another person, especially in a […]

Big Changes for Pure Freedom

03 Jan, 2019

Humongous changes are happening around here. Pure Freedom just got a brand-new office space! Check it out… We used to just have a two-desk room where Amy and Kath dreamed about expanding the program and adding on new team members so we could reach more students with life-changing information. With that dream coming true and […]

4 Qualities to Look for in a Date

03 Jan, 2019

There’s plenty of fish in the sea. Ever heard that expression? It’s usually something mom or dad says to us when our first date goes horribly wrong or our crush likes somebody else. The phrase is sort of like a pat on the back. It’s meant to give us some hope. And we should have […]

Meet Jackson

04 Dec, 2018

Jackson Page Sexual Risk Avoidance Educator Introducing (drum roll, please)…Jackson Page! Jackson is one of Pure Freedom’s newest additions, and brings fresh, awesome energy to the team. His enthusiasm for real, honest relationships exemplifies what Pure Freedom is all about. Jackson grew up in Springfield, Illinois and graduated from Truman State University with his Bachelor’s […]

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