Unveiling the Secrets of the Teenage Brain

28 Apr, 2020

The teenage brain is unique

Teenagers are both full of potential and vulnerable… and this is absolutely not their fault. Instead, it all has to do with their brains. Did you know that at birth, the size of a newborn’s brain is only about 40% the size it will be in adulthood? And that in addition to the size, our […]

A Better Approach to Sex Education

13 Apr, 2020

A Better Approach to Sex Education

Sex is without a doubt a fundamental aspect of life. It strengthens the bond between partners and has been proven to carry many physical and psychological beneficial properties. On the other hand, sexual activity comes with an array of risks, such as STDs, unintended pregnancies, regrets, feelings of being used and a loss of self-esteem. […]

The 4 Realities of Cohabitation

26 Feb, 2020

Living together without being married

“. . . is marriage old-fashioned, and like oatmeal, the 1-minute quick oats are just as good?” Did you know that living together as unmarried romantic partners was a custom in the ancient Western world? And did you also know that cohabitation in lieu of marriage has been much more common for a while in […]

Should You Consider Marriage For Your Future?

05 Feb, 2020

Is marriage worth it

Should You Consider Marriage For Your Future? Experts say yes, because marriage is thriving! Marriage is on trial as many couples have become more and more reluctant to tie the knot. The culprit? Divorce. Why bother when the statistics tell you that there is a 50% chance that your relationship will not make it? Besides, […]

Meet Elodie

20 Jan, 2020

Elodie Takamiya French Interpreter and Communications Assistant Elodie is a French Interpreter and a Communications Assistant at Lifeline Pregnancy Help Clinic in Kirksville. Since Pure Freedom is part of Lifeline, she will be writing new blog posts for Pure Freedom as well. After being born in Ukraine, Elodie lived most of her life in France […]

Meet Jenny

17 Dec, 2019

Jenny Carpenter Pure Freedom Program Assistant Meet Jenny, the new Pure Freedom’s Program Assistant. In other words, she is the invisible but extremely vital component that takes care of everything, from getting the educators to schools to making sure they are well-equipped with the tools they need to do their jobs successfully while also recording […]

Nine Ways to Build a Friendship

13 Aug, 2019

“Wishing to be friends is quick work, but friendship is a slow ripening fruit.” Sounds like something grandma would have stitched on a pillow or something. But it’s true: friendship doesn’t happen overnight. Whether you have a solid tribe or you’re the new kid who knows nobody, you’ve probably noticed that it takes time and […]

Media Mania

10 Jul, 2019

How do we keep media from taking over our lives? It’s no secret that more screen time is associated with poor physical and emotional health. Studies on obesity, depression, anxiety, and even spine problems (ever heard of Text Neck?) are showing links between screen time and increased health issues. The Washington Post reported a study […]

Puberty Shopping List

12 Jun, 2019

Change is coming…be prepared! Puberty: that magical time in life we all go through. For us to become adults, our bodies need to change. And that’s a great thing! Puberty doesn’t have to be scary. You can be prepared for all the changes your body will go through by having the right supplies on hand. […]

Meet Michaella

11 Apr, 2019

Michaella Peck Sexual Risk Avoidance Educator Say hello to Michaella, Pure Freedom’s most recent addition to our team of educators! Michaella has been teaching and working with youth for years, but is super pumped to be sharing a message of whole-person health with thousands of students in Northeast Missouri. Born and raised in Kirksville, Michaella […]

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