How to Address Sexual Health With Your Students

16 Nov, 2021

sexual health students

There’s hardly any parent in this world who doesn’t dread having “the talk” with their son or daughter. The same can be said about teachers who are sometimes tasked with tackling sexual health in class. So the question often follows: “how do I talk about sexual health with my students”? Before we get to that […]

9 Myths About Teen Sexual Health

19 Oct, 2021


As parents, teachers, or school administrators, we have a deep-seated desire to see our students succeed in life, be happy, and healthy. Sexual health is a term you’ve probably come across many times recently, as we celebrated Sexual Health Awareness month. When it comes to teen sexual health, a lot of misconceptions exist. At Pure […]

Bullying in Schools: Stopping the Cycle

09 Sep, 2021

Bullying is a serious topic that can have devastating consequences on a child’s life. Therefore, it is not to be underestimated. However, discussing it may sound scary. Our goal here at Pure Freedom is not to instill fear. Instead, we seek to provide valuable information and resources to both parents and school professionals, empowering them […]

Meet Micaela

22 Jun, 2021

Meet Micaela

Micaela Lanman Pure Freedom Educator She is coming! Get excited to meet her in person very soon, but in the meantime, here is a sneak peek of our brand new Pure Freedom educator, the young and hard-working Micaela Lanman. Micaela was born and raised in Alexandria, Minnesota, as was her husband Cody. As a student, […]

2020-2021 School Year Wrap-Up!

26 May, 2021

2020-2021 School Year Wrap-Up

The beginning of this school year was filled with uncertainty. Would 2020-2021 be interrupted just like the previous one? Would COVID-19 prevent us from continuing to reach more students with the powerful message of healthy relationships and sexual risk avoidance? Despite a few challenges, the program actually set a new record for how many schools […]

Understanding and Fighting Against Teen Dating Violence

16 Feb, 2021

February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month, and this year’s theme is “Know Your Worth”. As a holistic health education program, Pure Freedom values youth’s safety and well-being above all. Therefore, in this post, we are going back to what teen dating violence is, what it looks like, and how as parents or educators we […]

New School Requirements On Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Education

27 Jan, 2021

Sexual Abuse Prevention

Child Sexual Abuse Prevention: A New State Law Pure Freedom is a holistic education program that strives to equip students with the knowledge on how to achieve optimal health in their relationships and lives in general. Our staff is a team of dedicated educators who are committed to pursuing ongoing education in order to always […]

Meet Angelita

14 Sep, 2020


Angelita Garth Data Manager Meet and greet Angelita Garth, our new Data Manager! Angelita comes from a small town in central Iowa and went to school at Iowa State University. Passionate about statistics, she opted to study the subject and graduated with a BS in Mathematics and Statistics, followed by an MS in Statistics. She’s […]

Meet Heather

01 Sep, 2020


Heather Newsome Financial Assistant Say hi to Heather, Lifeline team’s recent addition! Heather is serving as Financial Assistant, taking care of Lifeline’s account balances, expenditures, inventory, monitoring program budgets and much more. A job that she greatly enjoys: “Working here is an absolute joy. The staff is so welcoming, thoughtful, and caring!” Before joining us, […]

Meet Breanne

21 Jul, 2020

Breanne Photo

Breanne Hunt Executive Director We are thrilled to finally present you Lifeline’s Executive Director, Breanne! Breanne grew up on a farm in Unionville, and this experience taught her a lot about hard work and tenacity. Because she’s always enjoyed business principles, she decided to study business and obtained an MBA with an emphasis in public […]